About Me.

Sheldon Ennis-Mitchell was born in Bronx, NY, but presently calls Bridgeport, Connecticut home. He's a recent graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology, having studied Management Information Systems, along with a double minor in Digital Business and Social Inequalities. Over his years, he's cultivated an interest and a passion for a number of different things - some of which include playing and watching sports with friends, playing and creating music, gaming on a multitude of platforms, and connecting with new people no matter the setting. His hope, aside from pursuing a career in Data Engineering/Analytics or Information Security/Development, is to be afforded an opportunity to help mentor students toward pursuing a higher education. He feels that it is important that his generation grows day by day, while using that growth to lead and inspire future generations to not only continue the trend, but to pursue greater things for tomorrow.

"If you have no confidence in self, you are twice defeated in the race of life." - Marcus Garvey

Isaiah 53:5

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Photo Credit: Chris Solis

Photo Credit: Chris Solis