SAS Tech Inventory Database


About The Project

While on my recent co-op at RIT Student Auxiliary Services, I was assigned a project in which i had to take the inventory that SAS Tech is responsible for and create a dynamic userform that would populate the information into a database when used.

Multi-Page Userform

The userform includes a multi-page design that allows the user to add/delete, edit, and search for the inventory using Advanced Filter Macros.

Protect & Unprotect Macros

Another element of this project was to make certain that the information was able to be protected from potential breaches of access. This was done through the Protect and Unprotect Macros. Using the Module tool in Visual Studio, I was able to set up the protect and unprotect code, so that it would enable safe transfer of information, while also password protecting the overall program code from being tampered with.