RA Workflow Diagram

During my Summer 2017 co-op with RIT - Student Auxiliary Services, I was afforded the opportunity to work alongside the SAS Tech Director of Business Strategies and Technology on a number of workflow and documentation projects for both Housing Operations and Dining Services. These projects were done with future design and maintenance updates scheduled for both online portals accordingly.


RA Road Map

The purpose of this project was to plan and assign the isolated and shared responsibilities and processes that Residence Life, Housing Operations and Dining Services have when it comes to the overall RA process.


In looking at the hiring process, we had to find a way in which the Housing Operations Team could properly map out the describe the RA Process when a student is hired. StarRez accounts had to be managed and adjusted in SQL format in order to set the database to find and facilitate this information for reporting purposes.



With the transition into the RA departure after the semester/year is over, we had to create email notifications and departure fields so that the current RA would then be able to have quick access and confirmation if their RA status for the future terms. Dining Services would also have access this status, so they can adjust their accounts accordingly as well.