SAS Summer Occupancy Workflow Diagram

While serving as a Business Analyst & Tech Strategist for the RIT Student Auxiliary Services Tech Team, I was assigned a project that required me to facilitate the summer occupancy process in the form of a workflow diagram. This process was created in order to show all how the selected entities in this process are connected and dependent on each other to complete summer occupancy for Housing Operations each year.


June, 2018. Created by Sheldon Ennis-Mitchell.


Workflow Key

The process was well planned out prior, but for the project to come together smoothly, the entities, processes, and extensions needed to be established in order for the workflow to be linked correctly. This was also important due to new employee roles that occurred during this summer term. Using this workflow diagram along with some process documentation, training and transitioning them came easy.

Decision Making

One big tipping point in this workflow diagram was including the decision extension in the Mechanics process. This decision created avenues when occupancy inspections passed or failed. Implementing and differentiating the paths were key, due to instances of housing conditions not always being approved by the facilities staff.